Jepson Family Website

I am a retired highschool Social Studies teacher in Minnetonka Minnesota.
Susan is VP of Innovation at Hennepin County Medical Center.
Susan and I have been married for 30 years!

Susan and Bills Jepson's Wedding Sept.27, 1986
Mark, Angie, Bill, Susan, Dr. William, Holly, Doug

We have three sons: Joey, Jonny and Billy in 1996

Bill, Joey, Susan, Billy, Jonny in May 2006

Billy, Susan, Jonny, Bill, and Joey - May
Jonny's HS graduation 2010

Xmas Card 2015

My sons and I at my childhood home 4415 Fremont Ave So. Mpls. 1997

Bill and the boys in the Roman Colloseum April 2005

Billy, Jonny, and Joey at Baptism River Minnesota 2002

Joey, Susan, Jonny, Bill, Billy - Jonnys College graduation in our backyard 2014

2006 Jepson Family Collage

Jepson collage 2005
2005 Jepson Family Collage
2004 Jepson Family Collage

1998 Jepson Collage
1998 Jepson Family Collage

2003 Jepson Family Collage