Warner in the 1960s

Photo by Penny Dhaemers


Ann Halprin

San Francisco Artists

Ruth Asawa


1967 Totentanz - sample 1 sample 2

1968The Bed by James Broughton. Music by Warner Jepson - Music only - (MP3 file)

1969 Machine Show - sample 1, sample 2, sample 3, sample 4, sample 5


1965 Piece for Bells and Toy Piano concert - video

1968 The Bed (clip 1) - Directed by James Broughton, Music by Warner Jepson


Chronological scans of articles, programs, and reviews about Warner Jepson from the 1960s

Photos of Warner Jepson by others in the 1960s

First five of Bottom row Black and White Photos by Penny Dhaemers